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Hanphoenix International Ltd. together with one of its member companies Hanphoenix Photonics Technology Co., Ltd. is engaged in the development, manufacturing and marketing of innovative telecommunications products. With our international background, we operate with a multi-national sales network and adapt to the varying needs of customers in different countries. We aim at launching competitive new products in the shortest time possible, and are committed to maintaining a market-oriented industrial chain.
To meet the ever-changing market demands and the rapid developments of new technologies, we have established a product management team consisting of experts from partner enterprises. The team focuses on studying product orientation, function definition and market forecasting.
Qualified engineers with solid experience in communications and R&D projects provide competitive product layouts based on ideas and research reports from our product management team and market demands. With our own factory and partner factories, and close cooperation with design houses, we can put new designs into production quickly and achieve quick time-to-market.
At Hanphoenix, we believe quality is the key to business growth. That is why we use only brand name ICs in our products. We also have a stringent QC program in place, which keeps our defect rate low at less than 0.8 percent. It's this kind of quality-focused service that leads to repeat business and an addition of three to five new customers every month.
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