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Complaints Processing

1. Complaints about product quality(RMA procedures)

RMA products definitions
(1) IRMA (In Warranty RMA)
(2) ORMA (Out of Warranty RMA)
The above terms are determined by purchase date on the invoice.

RMA procedures

[a] Obtain an RMA:
(1) Customers prepare detailed descriptions on RMA products with photoes of working status,better with test reports
(2) Customers send the descriptions to sales representative or customer center by email or fax
(3) Hanphoenix sets up trace records for the case with responsible person, usually the sales representative is responsible for the case for customer's convenience

[b] RMA processing
(0) Customers are not allowed to open the defective devices themselves. Opened defective product will be treated as artificial damged product
(1) Customer may require replacement or repair
(2) Replacement is available for DOA (Defective on Arrival) only. IRMA replacement should be discussed
(3) Replacement should be done upon Hanphoenix verification of non-artificial damages
(4) Either replacement or repair requires the customer to return the RMA products so that the customer should pay much attention to delivery packing to avoid further damages during transportation
(5) Once the arrived RMA products are inconsistent with previous RMA desriptions, Hanphoenix will contact and confirm the status with the customer before proceeding.

[c] Charges
(1) For IRMA processing, the customer should pay shipping charge to return and Hanphoenix pays to send back
(2) For ORMA or artificial damaged IRMA products, the customer should pay all shipping charges as well as product repair or replacement charges.



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